Objects of Use

Household goods for hardcore greens

On a trip to Ironbridge recently, I came across this little gem of a shop:

Objects of Use shop, Ironbridge

Objects of Use shop

Objects of Use is a major treasure trove for the dyed-in-the-wool greenie. All its products are made of natural materials, and plastic is a barely-tolerated irritation.

Objects of Use - interior

Objects of Use - interior

Many of the things it sells are hard-to-find design classics (for instance, carbon steel Sabatier knives, those Duralex glasses you remember from your schooldays, or wood-and-bristle flowerpot brushes), some of them (like the goat-hair computer brush) you didn’t even know existed, and others are just plain quirky (like the triple blini pan, for instance, or the porte savon). They’re also agents for the last remaining horn works in Britain, and scissors and shears made in Sheffield.

Objects of Use - display table

Brushes, tea towels, watering can - and a live mousetrap that looks like a lobster pot!

And, as you’ll have noticed by now, they have a website, so you’ve no excuse for not supporting them. To whet your apetite, here’s a selection of their other stock:

You could imagine many of their products being used in a stately home in the 1930s, or by sticklers for detail in the National Trust’s cleaning department.

Well worth a visit if you’re in Ironbridge – and worth a special trip if you’re not.


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